Banyan Tree Bintan Resort Review

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banyan tree bintan

This is a Banyan Tree Bintan Resort Review, sharing our short getaway trip, hoping that it might be useful to others.

Date: 6th Sept 2018 to  8th Sept 2018
Location: Banyan Tree Resorts, Bintan

6th Sep 2018:
We left early at abt 7am to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. This is where we must take the ferry to go Bintan (Bandar Bentan Telani). Maybe the Bentan had morphed into Bintan over time.
Terminal: nothing fantastic, some counters, some shops. We checked in, waited at the waiting area, waited for the gate to open, then walked the long boardway towards the ferry.
Got the first-row seats, so enjoyed some views. But of course, sea trips are good to view, for some time, until it becomes boring (it’s same old sea, same old waves, over and over again. Yawn.) I digressed to some book and phone usage (until the network was out)
Reach ferry terminal. Long queue to check out of the counter. Long time ago, they were famous for implementating the strict no-noise policy. Now, nobody seem to bother, and noise were everywhere. Phew. Can’t imagine being put on a ferry back.
Checkout guy asked the usual, how long stay, stay where, why come. Then, browsed some tour shops and some tidbits shop. The banyan tree counter had already have a private transport waiting for us. So, we just took that and went. Bought some ice cream to eat on the way, of course.
Reached the reception, very nice, very “banyan”. Were directed to a nice seat, where the receptionist come over to do check-in.

ATV Forest Tour:
We decided to go ATV Forest Tour first: it was simply great! I have done ATV before, but through the forest was a different ball game. It’s like gonna topple anytime, many times. To enjoy it further, I suggest a psychological hack. Just pretend that you are in some kind of a GTA mission or something. And that will elevate the experience even further.
We even passed a kampong (village). Am surprised at how they live there.

They even have a communal mosque. Was told that on Hari Raya, the whole village will be lighted up and joyous. I wish I can see that! 
After talking to the villagers, getting some water from the well, playing with cats and chickens and parrots, we made our way back on the ATV. We thanked the guide and walked back to the hotel.

Massage Spa:
Wifey went for a massage. I didn’t want it. I opened my laptop at the nice reception place and did some catch-up work.

Soon it was 3pm and check-in time. Staff brought me, (in a buggy!), to our villa (Seaview Villa). It was Wow from first sight onwards. The door itself was a nice wooden, antique-like door. When I stepped in, was greeted by the nice jacuzzi facing me. I can just imagine myself soaking in it while looking out to the sea!

The Villa:
There was another door opposite the jacuzzi, and when we slid open it, the facing villa room was just great. There was a divan on one side, another divan just beside the bed. And the bed, wow, it was like a four-side-covered sea.
There was a table for me to do some work-stuff. Bed was drapped on four sides. Divan was spacious, nice to lie down and watch TV. I played many Clash Royal games there too. And when you thought the room ends there ….

The Toilet:
Was it a toilet or a room of its own? First time in my life I saw a toilet with 2 basin sections, one for each person, to do their thing together! Starting from the shower area, it came to basin 1, then the central cupboard, then basin 2, then the toilet bowl.
Nice, spacious, great.

Nice wedding anniversary touch:
I was particularly impressed that they had taken note of a passing remark I made in one of the email that it was our 15th wedding anniversary, and they prepared a cake for it and placed it in our room. Also, the bedsheet said Happy Wedding Anniversary as well.
They must have a workflow procedure for such things. Great!

So, having done 2 activities already, and being tired and not so yound anymore, and the villa being like this, we saw it fit to spend the rest of the day, enjoying the room inch by inch. Later near sunset, we took the buggy to go to the beach.

The Beach:
It’s a private beach shared by Banyan Tree, Angsana and I think Cassia too. We spent that sun-setting evening wetting our feet, then our whole body in the sea water, by the beach, walking deeper and deeper, but never really going much deeper until very far away. Nice feeling.

We surveyed all the dinner options available. Seems like the Lotus Cafe of Angsana Hotel seems like the best bet for us.

Lower in cost (notice I said lower, but not low). Also, the menu was more in line with our Asian taste. We ordered some rendang dish, and a chicken dish. Must say the servings were super big. We finished our dinner feeling like bloated balloons. Then, we walked our way along the night beach, and a buggy and back to our rooms.

Lotus Cafe, Angsana Hotel

End of the Day:
Nothing like a private jacuzzi, with no closing hour, to indulge in at night before to turn in for the night. And that was Day 1 of our trip to  Banyan Tree Bintan Resort. I will now have to find time to do the narration for the subsequent 2 days. Hopefully soon.  

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