I bet you can’t read this right

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Before you take up this simple challenge, do you promise to knock yourself on your head if you fail?

Yes? Ok, then, here’s the challenge.

I’ll show you a simple English statement and I bet you can’t read that right.

Ready to give it a try?

Click the diagram, below to reveal the statement. You have only 3 seconds to view it.

So, what does it say?

I love Paris in the Springtime?

Okay, bunch up your knuckles and knock your head.

Because it actually says “I love Paris in the the springtime” (with double “the”s)

This trick was told to me by my daughter. I fell for it too.

So, if you fell for it, you are not some extraordinarily statistically stupid or something.

Don’t knock yourself over it.

I didn’t.


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