Must be always strive to be one-up?

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In this rat-race world, this has got me thinking. What’s wrong in NOT striving to be always one-up, and just chill? In other words, we all strive to go UP and UP in whatever we are involved in. If we are at level 5 now and we strove and reached level 6, what do we think about? Wow, great, watch out level 7, I’m coming for you.

Or to rephrase in real-world terms: if I have a small house, I want a big house. When I get that big house, now I want a bigger house. Same for car, same for other needs and wants of our lives.

What about enjoying the little cozy corner of your little house with your little baby while she’s making her little strides? And be content with it.

My thought for today is just that: don’t forget to enjoy the current moment while aspiring to reach for the next milestone. In other words, it’s the journey that you must enjoy, not just the destination, because your time is mostly spent on the journeys rather than the destination. Your milestone destination periods are usually very short: a sense of exhilaration, a party to celebrate it, and the next morning you wake up and it’s over. But your journeys are very very long in duration, they are your almost-always constant companion. They are your sweat, blood, time and effort. So, if you have not trained yourself to find happiness in your journeys, then by ratio calculations, your life is mostly unhappiness, no matter how many milestones you reach.

If striving upwards is progress, striving horizontally is also progress. If you do not understand this, what I mean is: if you desire for a new car which will give happiness which your old car won’t give, then realise that the old car has that special happiness which the new car can never give. So, learn to enjoy that happiness longer. Every moment and experience of your life is trying to give you happiness. You just have to change your perspective to find it.

This is my Saturday morning rambling (must be the result of a week of intense work).


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