There is no perfect country but ….

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… Singapore is as close as it can get. 

Singaporeans are divided into 2 groups of people: 
Group 1: they will agree with the video below and move on, beaming with pride.
Group 2: they will be agitated that only the good stuff are brought forth and not the many-many bad stuff.

My take: read the title again [There is no perfect country], so if we are to be plucked and put into any country in the world, we end up in the same situation, which is, the country will be having good stuff one side, and bad stuff one side. Again you will realise that you are part of 1 of the same 2 groups.

So, I say look on the bright side, keep contributing to eradicate bad stuff, but don’t forget to  keep enjoying the good stuff and be grateful for it. Remember, OUR lives is not about the system we are in. OUR lives is about the system within US, no matter which country we are in.  

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