What defines success?

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Just shooting out this blog when I realise today’s work is going a bit too smoothly than usual. Why? How come it’s going too smoothly. Is something not right? Or rather, what went right today?

This just led me to think: what defines success? And the answer popped in my head. It’s basically a series of right decisions and right actions. Simple as that!

This is why I view programming/coding as life itself, because I learn so much about life by programming code. Typical day goes: problem happens > I need to solve it > I think I got the right algorithm to solve it > I confidently program it as so > no, it doesn’t work like I want it to (this flow is so typical that if it does work at the first few tries, I’m shocked)

Then, today, for one project, the atypical just happened. The same flow as above, but it worked fine the first time round. Yeah! I saved the next couple of hours of work. So, was it luck?

My theory: when I do my work, it was a series of decisions and actions I had to take that led me to success. But what made me take THOSE right decisions and right actions. Well, what can I say. It must be those chunks and chunks of wrong decisions and actions I have been taking.

Just like Edison, I guess, you must fail a gazillion times before you come up with the right bulb: the light bulb.

Happy Sunday morning for me. Time to smell my coffee a bit more deeply. And to enjoy my breakfast.

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