15 Programming Memes to Cheer up Your Day

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The most useless “Forget Password” functionality


The Real Meaning behind those fantastic words


I have had this before and I had to crash-shut-down my PC to resume my work.


Don’t you find it irritating where almost every website we go to say they use cookies for blah blah blah.


In my early days, this was how I worked!


I hate working with designers unless they pass me the final design and get out of the way.
(Sorry, designers)
Anyway, those were the old days. Nowadays, I take care of both front- and back-end.


Sometimes when I read other people’s codes, and they tried to be helpful and left comments …

In the olden days, I used to get frustrated on this.
Maybe I’m aging, and have started to lobe talking long.
I don’t mind explaining nowadays! Weird me.

This is in line with “if it ain’t broken, don’t repair it”.
In IT code, if something is “useless”, it might actually not be.



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