Apple killed the audio jack, now it’s Credit Cards

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Have you heard of Apple Card? These are the ways it is going to kill all your existing credit cards.

1) It will always be with you. Not in your wallet. In your phone itself. So, it is a “card” but not a card, physically.

2) No waiting for monthly bills. It’s realtime, showing how much you owe, how much you spent, and when it’s due.

3) No funny cryptic merchant names that make you wonder where you spent that $33.95 on 25 days ago. Apple Card uses machine learning to transform the names to what you would recognise!

4) Daily Cash: a Cashback feature that automatically adds cash into the Apple Card. And it’s not some rebates or some funny-named thing which you have to jump over the hoop to use. It’s real cash!

5) Very importantly! There are NONE of these!

No late fees.
No annual fees.
No international fees.
No over-limit fees.

6) Security: credit card frauds are such a pain in our necks. Not with Apple Cards. You get a per-device Apple card number, 16-digits like a regular credit card. It is stored securely into the hardware. It also comes with the 2-factor authentication (2FA), which by now, everyone SHOULD be familiar with.
The device gives you a one-time code, which you can use for a transaction. This exempts anyone else, who knows your credit-card (Apple card) number, from able to conduct any transaction with it.

All transaction are also authenticated with Touch ID/Face ID.

7) And you don’t need any of these:

No card number.
No expiration date.
No signature.

I’m not an Apple fanboy. But this Apple Card might be a killer thing that might convert many.

See the video about the core features below.

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