Charge me lower or else I’ll hire a foreigner

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This post is with regards to a recent call I had from a prospective client. It started off the usual way.

He told like, like a story, his set of requirements. I asked some questions for clarifications, and after some good 2-ways convo, he asked me for an estimate cost. I told $x,000 is an estimate.

Guess what he did next.

He started talking about he is also talking with other programmers, and that I’m the 3rd programmer he’s calling, and amply dropping hints about dropping the cost. Then, he went on to another weapon. Well, if it’s going to be $x,000, I’m afraid I have to hire a X programmer, where X is a foreign country.

That’s it, all bubbles burst for me. At least on the inside,

Luckily, for him, I’m a patient guy and would like to think myself as professional. So, I just gave a slight laugh, and said politely that all these are up to you and your business decision, and that there is absolutely no necessity to share them with me.

That’s the thing. If you call a service provider (SP) to get a quote, just get the damn quote and then decide for yourself, and to yourself. You don’t have to tell the world your line of thinking, especially to the SP you are talking with! If you think $x is to expensive, just say “you will consider” and part like a decent being. To be fair, most prospects are actually like that. But these few rotten ones are the ones who stay in memory, unfortunately.

If you think you can hire a foreigner from country X, do go ahead. Again, it is not something that an SP really wants to know.

Your business, your decisions.

The thing is: they try to use such silly “tactics” to try to bring the price down. Negotiating is perfectly fine with me. Many have done that decently by asking “Will you consider $y”. Then, they give me a chance to re-consider and give another decision, or to get back later. All in line with decent behaviour. Not to undermine one’s work by giving silly statements like “I can hire a foreigner programmer and get it done for a few hundred dollars only”.

For such people, I have better news for you. If you hire students, you might get it even cheaper!

Go for it!

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