Why is blogging important for your business

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This article is about why blogging is important for your business. I have been a web developer and programmer for 23 years as of this year. Google has been and is still an important reason why I’m still in business. It’s the reason why I finally quit my full-time job and do this full-time. Almost all my clients are from Google search. Try searching “Singapore Programmer” for example, and you’ll see Getcha Solutions.

But, there is one more important thing businesses must do in order to be relevant and successful. And that is to write blogs. I know this might be old advice, but blogging is still a relevant act to do, to get more traffic and to build your business and personal credibility.

Reason 1: Blogs drive traffic to your site

A blog entry gives you an opportunity to introduce something (product/service), or broadcast a latest message, or demonstrate a product you are launching. It is very different from your business website, which comes with it’s usually-static set of pages. A blog however is designed to give your readers the latest, the newest, the buzz of your business.

Your business might be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or somewhere. Ensure to update your latest blog links to these social sites of yours. Your social followers will thank you and you give them a reason to click to your website.

Reason 2: Make Google happy

In other words, give Google what it wants, and what it wants is fresh content. Google likes your business website which was updated 1 year ago about your services you offer. But, more than that, it likes your latest blog post about model-123 which you are just launching. Fresh content means more google-scores.

Ensure to use the relevant and right keywords in your blog article, and you are set for some decent traffic from Google. So, Google happy, you happy.

But of course, I have to add the side-word here: DO NOT BLOG JUST FOR SEO PURPOSES. Blog for the sake of your customers. In all my years of business, making customers happy and doing a good job should be the primary concern. Somehow, Google and other search engines will know and find you. But, there is a big industry that will target you, the business-owner. It’s called the SEO industry. If you do dabble with them, do be careful. There is a slight chance of getting blacklisted (a worse-off situation than before, and you PAID for it!).

Blogging IS an SEO factor, and you don’t need hired help. Who else can write better about your products/services than yourself?

Reason 3: Show some authority

How best to make people trust you than you invite them into your blogs. Blogs do something which business website pages don’t. They are less formal and get more to the heart of your customer than your business website. And that’s important, because that’s where their decision-making factor lies. From what I see, most times, people go by their trust feelings/intuition than some calculated decision-making procedure.

And the more they read what you write, the more they seem to realise, hey, they have known you all along. But of course, they might not have seen you even. And more importantly, when you are dishing out your wide knowledge about your industry, what are you doing? You are showing people that you know stuff, and not some I-sell-whatever salesman.

Reason 4: Improve Relationship with Customer

Getting customers is just chapter 1. Keeping them is another ballgame altogether. Even as a customer myself, I hate the seller who dotes on me BEFORE I buy, and disappears thereafter. There are some handful who treat you as golden BEFORE and AFTER the sale. Do you remember that feeling? Didn’t you feel so great about that seller that if you were to buy a next product, it must be from him?

Well, that’s exactly the sentiments you, as a seller/service provider, should command from your customers. Many people write books about it. I just don’t understand. This is supposed to be just basic human nature. Be good, do good. And good happens to all. We don’t need any books or theories to teach us that.

Customers are usually at varying level of knowledge about your product/service. When you get them more informed than they were before, they respect and trust you. Good for human relations, good for business.

Also, by blogging, you get to answer customers’ oft-asked queries. So, they know even before they ask. And they know even for queries they don’t know are relevant to ask. Double bingo for them. Again, good for human relations, good for business.


In summary, keep customers updated and happy, and they will buy not just once from you. And blogging is one great way to do that. Below I give 2 options on how you can get a blog for yourself.

Option 1: DIY: Do It Yourself

Blogging and WordPress are synonymous. If you are semi-technical, you can set up a wordpress blog yourself, and start blogging away. Refer to this steps: https://en.support.wordpress.com/five-step-website-setup/ ..

It’s quite simple actually, for the one who is at least semi-technical.

Option 2: Let me help you

If you are not technical at all, and you do not know anything about domain name, urls, servers, hosting, database and all such terminology, then let a professional help you. What I can do for you: Pls review the blog site you are reading right now. I can set up a blog just like this, with blank contents, so that you can start writing your OWN contents relevant to your business. I’ll take care of all the technical nitty-gritties, and leave you to just write and publish what you have to say.

Go to: https://www.getcha.com/contact, fill up the form, with Subject: Help Me Blog, and I will advise you on the next steps.

Or, whatsapp me: 

Remember: people buy from sellers who knows stuff and portrays themselves as so. So, it’s time for YOU to take action to portray yourself as the knowledgeable seller.

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