Freelance PHP Developer Tips

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Freelance PHP Developer

Freelance PHP Developer

Being a freelance PHP Developer for more than 20 years, I have summed up some factors which I think all PHP developers should have especially if you are doing this on your own, either your own business or a freelancer.

Freelance PHP Developer
Freelance PHP Developer

1: HTML5, Javascript, CSS:

These are not necessarily programming languages, but are essential anyway. Writing PHP codes alone are not enough. If you’re thinking of running your own business, either as a freelance PHP Developer or an even bigger company, HTML/Javascript/CSS are your friends. They are the stylists and code helpers, if you need an analogy. So, even as PHP is able to display useful data, we need the stylists to show them nicely, and the code helpers to help out here and there at local level. Thus, come in HTML5, Javascript, CSS.

2: Do only what you can only:

This is a common practice in IT field. Whatever the client says as requirements, the service provider will say “yes, sir, yes, sir, can do, can do”, even if they are unsure. Do not make this mistake. We are not in it just to make money somehow. The job must be enjoyed. And the client must not be shortchanged. So, do not undertake a project unless you know for sure you can do it, for your own sake primarily, and secondarily, do have a thought for your client as well. They too are a business like yours.

3: Business Communications:

Do brush up on your communication skills, be it via phone or email or WhatsApp. As a techie, we might see no point in it. But it does create better impression in people. So, better impression means more business. And more importantly, pleasantness just makes the world a much better place. That’s reason enough. You need all the pleasantries you can get to succeed as a freelance PHP Developer.

4: Business Finance:

You have to do your own taxes. You have to manage your family finances, and ensure that the revenue matches (and hopefully exceeds) the expenditure. You can’t charge clients too low. You will die out. You can’t charge too high. Again no one might hire you and you will die out. So, you have to trial and error and find out.

5: Project Management:

Typically, an employee needs that extra push from his boss and many other colleagues around him before he can do something or deliver something. No such facility when you are here alone handling your client’s project. You have to be your own manager. Your street-cred (reputation) is on the line. Your work attitude will soon show especially when you lag. So, manage your time out into timelines for your project, and that will smoothen things out for you and your client.

6: Networking:

You have the skills. But you need the projects, to keep you going. So, networking is one thing that you essentially need. Use the 3 most popular social media: Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to network with other developers. Sometimes, it works as a knowledge sharing advantage. Sometimes, when others are busy and you’re free, they might even pass on some projects to you!

PHP development is a highly competitive field. But not everyone can become a programmer. Many do not want to be a programmer! So, if you follow the tips above, you are on your successful way to be a Freelance PHP Developer. All the best.

About the Author

Anees Khan is a freelance PHP developer for the past 24 years, and is running Getcha Solutions to help companies get the latest tech for their business needs, requirements and operational workflows.

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