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If you are a business/company in Singapore, it’s best that you make the best of all available help the Singapore Government is giving. All these schemes and plans are to every party’s benefit.

The Government
More successful businesses means more money for the Government naturally, with which they can wield more power/flexibility to do good further things for the country. More business=More money!

The Company
You get to implement the latest-tech available, by hiring a good consultant/developer/programmer (who believes in his craft and has passion for it, and can do the job), and you end up with a latest-tech system (Web App or Mobile App or other tech), with which you can impress your clients. But more importantly, it’ll bring in more business for you. More business=More money!

The Developer/Programmer
Well, without much shame, I have to admit, it works to the benefit of the service provider as well, like myself. More business=More money! But, hey others are happy too, right?

So, in summary, like what Uncle Muthu would say:

And this is the latest news today (21st Sep 2016) about Government’s plans:

Cheers, enjoy life, eat healthy, live healthy.


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