How much do you charge for developing an app?

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I’ve been asked this question, in various word permutations, but all meaning the same thing. This article is my thoughts on such a question.

Asking such a question is similar to asking “How much would I spend in a grocery store?” or “How much is a phone?” or “How much is my restaurant bill?” (before even ordering).

In other words, the point I’m trying to make is this: How much you would spend in a grocery store is not possible to be guessed by anyone. Because it solely depends on the Quantity and Complexity (unit-cost) of the items you select to put into the shopping trolley. Right?

That means, it’s perfectly possible to spend $10 or a $100 or any other figure and the only way anyone else can know this figure is after seeing your shopping list.

Same for buying a phone. They are priced according to factors such as the Quantity and Complexity of the features in it. Same for ordering at a restaurant. The amount of food you order matters. Also, the type of food you order also adds to the cost factor. Again, it’s¬†Quantity and Complexity.

Soooo, my message is: what prices the cost of an app development are the features you want in the app. So, if you have a “shopping list” of what you want your app to do (Features/Requirements/Specs), then do give it to the developer, so that he can calculate the estimated (or actual) cost for the development.

The cost for app development is also calculated by Quantity and Complexity of the features of the list you give. As an app developer, I, for one, will go through each item of your Features List and judge my time/effort to develop that part, and cost them accordingly. On and on until the list is completed, then I get the total final cost. 

And there you have it. I have repeated the above points and analogies quite a fair bit of time to many callers and email-ers. Thus, this article is to address that. Hope it helps in understanding, for clients who are looking for web and app developers.

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