Web Developer Salary: How much it cost to hire a web developer in Singapore?

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Web Developer Salary

Sometimes, the expectations of a client are too low when they think how much they should pay a web developer in Singapore. In my time, during discussions, I have tried my best to give some figures and some convincing proofs from here and there to convince my clients. But, it remains an indisputable fact that many won’t believe me, whether they said it out loud or not being the difference.

So, I’m bringing in an authoritative article to my support here. Please refer to: https://www.techinasia.com/cost-hire-web-developer-singapore (image credit to this site). I hope this article gives a clearer picture on the rightful cost of hiring a web developer in Singapore.

They have divided it into 3 segments: Experience: 1) less than one year, 2) one to four years, and 3) four to seven years. Somehow they stopped at 7 years, maybe thinking since web development is a relatively new IT industry, 7 years is a reasonable figure. They haven’t met me yet. I’m a dinosaur in IT age. I’ve been a web developer for 23 years!

So, do trust me when I say that the quoted figures are fair price for the work involved. As it stands now, many people do not want to work as programmers. The ones who do take up your mega projects, at super-low cost, are just killing themselves. And when they kill themselves, they kill the project with them. No one benefits.

Anyway, the above TechinAsia data are for full-time employed web developers. That means the salary you have to pay a full-time web developer who will be working in your office. If you are a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) who cannot afford to make that type of salary every month for a long time, then the better suggestion is to hire a freelance web developer.

A freelance web developer, like myself, will approach your web development needs on a project basis, rather than a long-term employment one, and will settle your project in a one-time execution, one-time payment way. In most cases, web development IS a one-time project. In many cases, you most probably don’t need a full-time employee for this.

Ultimately, what you paid for the project will be much lesser than what you would have paid for a web developer full-time employee in just 3 months time. That’s my opinion, for your consideration.

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