WordPress Gutenberg Editor is Cool!

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Gutenberg Editor

I’m actually typing my first Gutenberg article, while testing Gutenberg editor itself. Wow! This is cool! No need for any fancy builders and stuff like that anymore.

Well, what can I say? My life as a web developer and programmer are filled with moments like this. This is what I meant when I always tell people to choose a career of your passion. You do not have to work a single day of your life, because following your passion is not exactly a right definition of work, in its usual sense. So, you do what you already love, and you get paid. Double bingo.

Anyway, coming back to Gutenberg, I feel great just typing the normal text. Can’t wait to try out the other cool features it has!

This is a nice picture of a cat, to show that I spent 2 seconds to put that in, and started typing this.

Gutenberg allows cool headings easily!

And let me add an image gallery super easily. Took me 3 seconds only.

Adding a paragraph is easy. Adding a list is easy too (see below)

  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Apple

Quotations by important people are very important because we cannot think for ourselves.

Sir William Talkalot

Boring? Here’s some music to keep you company at least until you leave this page.

A nice cover page, that’s all.

A nice file-download feature. Just a cat to keep you company.

when i wanna type code
which i do everyday
in my life as a programmer
this is how i'll display it, yeah!
what's a verse?
This is me trying it.
Mmmmhhh, not much diff from code.

Easy to put my latest post, yeah.

Happy National Day Singapore!

Today is Singapore National Day. So, how best to demo the gutenberg video embed feature.

Happy National Day Singapore

And that’s my play-around with the new features of WordPress Gutenberg editor. I wonder what will happen to the web developers, like myself, if everyone can make website this easy. Sigh, I gotta just wait and see.

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