Business Grants in Singapore 2018

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business grants in singapore

No more PIC. That doesn’t mean business grants in singapore is dead. If you have a good business idea or plan, Singapore is still one heck of a place to get some financial assistance to get your plan going.

We used to have productivity and innovation credit (PIC). What we have now is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). You can get 70% of your project cost. This was as per the latest update announced in Singapore Budget 2018.

Some things have changed since my last blog on Singapore Government.

Over the years, whatever the grant or financial assistance, I was able to give my full co-operation to my clients so that they can try their best to get the necessary grant for their business. Be it a new business or improving their current workflow. Now that the Government has announced this new grant, and if your company needs to up itself in terms of automation and productivity, this is the time to take action.

Don’t use only your money, get the Government to help you. In fact, they WANT to help you. Improving YOUR business is improving the country itself. So, help yourself and help the nation.

Read more on what the Singapore Budget 2018 says on this grant:

One stop portal for all business grants in Singapore:

More support for firms to innovate, harness research capabilities

Remember: Strike early to achieve fast

If you need to talk to someone about implementing any automation or productivity solution in your company, do Contact Me. I’ll give a listening ear and guide you accordingly.

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