Charities nowadays

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I observe that many entities who give out money and stuff as charity might actually be doing it wrong.

Charity is something preferably given in secret. If it gets publicly-known or if it is unavoidable, then fine. But the current charities that are happening nowadays seems more like:

  • meeting KPIs of organisations and
  • inviting and taking photos with guest of honor and
  • public-stage giving out of charity, embarassing the recipient (if I’m a needy, I wouldn’t want others to know) and
  • media publicising sometimes with photos of recipients and
  • sometimes using these needy recipients as filler-people for their other events, such that they will receive their aid only at the end if they attend these events. Some of them are ill-fit to attend such long-hour events.

So, how different are they from many commercial companies who require you to sit through their 4 hour seminar before giving you the freebie at the end?

C’mon, charity means charity. It’s not a variable in your business equation.

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