One bad marketing strategy

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Today, I want to talk about one very wrong marketing strategy as often preached by marketing gurus.

I was listening to a motivational/marketing talk a few days back. The speaker was saying that you have to enjoy your failures in order to succeed and he proceeded to describe how he went from door to door and knocked and how so many of them cursed at him, shut the door on his face, scolded him, let the dogs on him, and so on.

Yet, he was determined and enjoyed his failure. And then of course, as the story always goes, he went to make big sales and became a success story. All this is fine and motivational.

But my question is: Is disturbing others in your process of your own growth really right? A home is one’s peaceful abode. The person might be in the toilet, or sleeping after some hard work or watching TV peacefully or any other activity that one does in the house with peace and privacy. Is it right to knock on his door and make him come out and entertain you, dropping whatever he was doing, thinking it was someone important, only to come and hear your damn sales talk?

So what if you made that 1 in 100 success achievement. This numbers game concept of sales is no longer a secret strategy anymore. We all know that you have your own numbers to play around with. “I will try a 100 times. As long as I made 1 sales in that 100, I’m a success”.

All that is fine and good, but you achieve that ONE sale by annoying the other 99 people. This is a bad marketing advice. They should take it off all such marketing channels. I’m saying this as one of such person, annoyed by door to door salesmen who won’t go even after being refused, thinking that he’s practicing his great salescraft determinedly and doggedly and thinking that that must be the key to success, as confirmed by his marketing gurus.

That’s all I gotta say. In the pursuit of success, climb the ladders, yes, but don’t step on the heads of others and cause them annoyance. You might achieve the great success, but if you believe in karma or God or anything that will balance accounts out, then, these 99 bad actions might come back at you in a bad way, making that ONE sale of yours not worth it.

Just saying.

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