Do you have experience with development in my industry?

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This is an often-asked question, whether I have similar projects in the same industry. I have had to explain this over and over again to many clients. So, i’m writing it as a blog post here.

Your industry may be finance or aviation or food or education or others. But MY industry is systems development (currently Management Systems). So, I do¬†Management Systems for various types of clients in various industries. THEIR industry don’t matter to me. They tell their “story” and I do the job such that they can continue their business in a more efficient way, saving time and other factors.

So, that’s the summary of it. The “story” refers to requirements and specs and features required. I say “story” because it’s actually a story of how they do their current operations. I need this story told me as per current operations, so that I can suggest the better way forward, so that they can do things better and more efficient and I can build the system along that line.

One more point to note: it’s a false notion that people of the same industry need the same type of systems. For me, education industry is where most of my clients are from, but none of their requirements are the same. They all want different things. In other words, they all have different stories.

So, in summary, I get the story from the client and I do the system based on that story, and client carry on with their business, better than before.

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  1. I agree with most points, but when I look for a developer, I still prefer someone who shares my passion

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