How do you build such cool-looking Dashboards?

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Today I will attempt to answer this question because someone asked me so. There was once a time when I did my own designs. Take note: I’m a programmer primarily. So, of course, my design sucks. Some clients told me, some didn’t, some showed with their expressions. Overall, it showed.

Then, I realised something. Why am I bothering so much about the design part. My strength is in programming. I can custom develop admin panels and dashboards, and design is the bugbear however. Then, it struck me, thanks to today’s template culture. You wanna do a resume, there’s a template. You wanna do a will, there’s a template. Almost anything you wanna do, most probably there’s a template for it.

And that’s when I decided that I can do the same as well, for my line as well. Since my custom programming skils are already good enough, whenever I develop a control panel, I would just show my clients many choices of designs (templates) of how they want their management system to look like. Believe me, some dashboard designs are super-duper-uber-cool! Check out some examples below.

So, essentially what I do is:

Step 1:
Get the exact custom requirements from the client.

Step 2:
Get the design/template, as selected by client.

Step 3:
Marry them together! In other words, do my magic (that is, programming) on the template and ensure their exact requirements are met and satisfied!

That’s it!

That is how I provide my custom programming services with uber cool designs. And ultimately, my client is the winner, because not only can he do his management in an efficient and productive way, but he can do it in a cool way as well, not with some design some developer did for him 20 years ago!

And he can show it off to HIS clients as well, without any embarrassment whatsoever, but with pride. I have seen one of my clients did that before, and he was beaming with pride. It greatly enhances his company image.

And of course, on seeing that, I too was beaming with pride, because that is HIS business, and developing dashboards is MINE.

So there, that was me revealing my technique. But of course, you need the right programming skillset, do not forget. There is no shortcut to that however.

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The author, Anees Khan, is a web and app developer and runs Getcha Solutions

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